Monday, April 29, 2013

DIY Ship steering wheel

Here it is! another nautical room decor for Eli. I found a similar steering wheel from Hobby Lobby for $44. I had most of the stuff to make the wheel so, I only ended up paying $12:) I could have saved some money at Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon but I was anxious to see if I could pull this project off, and I did, awesome!

My inspiration photo
Here are the items you will need:
Round pine table top
Sisal rope
A bag of birch shaker pegs
2 Hardwood dowels
Classic grey wood finish
This table top is 1"x 17" big
I used my punch ball to make a round outline in the middle of the table top. Then I made another smaller circle in the middle.

Then I used my spade drill bit to drill 1/2" holes. In total I had 16 holes on the larger piece. The 8 holes on the outer side were about 1/2" deep, just enough for the shaker pegs to go in. The other 8 inner holes were also about 1/2 deep also.
I used my variable speed jigsaw to cut out this, like here. The smaller piece is about 6.5" big and the larger piece is 3" wide. The space between is about 3.5".
The distance between the 2 pieces is about 3.5".
I also drilled 1/2" holes into the round middle piece. I cut out 8 dowels, about 4.5 inches long. With the round piece in the middle, I put some glue on my dowels and stuck them into the pre drilled holes. I wish I took more pictures. Then I put some more wood glue on the peg shakers and stuck them on the outer wheel.
I used a grey wood finish and after it was dry, I tied the rope around the wheel


  1. wow! you are really skillful. I wish I have a talent like yours.